The Islamic paradox

In the late hours of this afternoon it was reported that a supermarket in the French town of Trebes was the scene of hostages held in the name of Redouane Lakdim who had claimed to be a member of the Islamic State and demanded the release of Salah Abdeslam, the gunman who carried out the 2015 attack in Paris which left 130 people slain. The attack which ultimately left three people dead is the first on France in seven months and once again leaves the country in a state of shock and attitudes surrounding issues of Immigration and European terrorism are renewed.

Nothing would be more hideous than a repeat of the Bataclan style attack but anything lesser in fatality doesn’t mean that tensions are not felt throughout the country and the European continent as due to to the freedom of movement and the country’s signed to the Schengen area the tracking of individuals that plot acts against the west are harder to carry out. Sadly whilst the matter of free movement is failing to be address it leaves the door open for similar events like today, but of course this stands apart from home grown terrorism, which is a matter for intelligence agencies such as the General Directorate for External Security, (DGSE) and Interpol. One fresh fear the DGSE has is the hundreds of imprisoned Jihadists who are due to be released after serving their sentences. Whilst some may want to simply return to their aboriginal country there are others who even though their actions will be under watch shall remain an enemy of the state and go on to either plot or commit further acts of violence against non-believers. This is now, (and has been for some time) our ineludible reality where terrorists who are tried and convicted through the wests judicial system shall be also exploiting our good nature. A stronger tact is needed for those whom we believe shall be released only to reoffend and a unique handling for who is beyond religious reclamation.

This brings the result with the way things are currently is either the radical being a cultural embodiment of finesse for our rather sympathetic justice system and continually abuse our approach to processing extremists or end it like Redouane Lakdim and become a martyr for the cause of the insurgent whose primary sense of being is to rid the world of the non-believer and make Allah the one contingent God.

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