The empty space is only good for the actor

‘Start writing no matter what. The water does no flow until the faucet is turned on’ This was the wise dictum given by the American novelist ‘Louis L’Amour’ that I found hanging around on a site setup for aspiring free lance writers that I usually visit when looking for some literary pep. And it’s always the start that startles those wanting to spill their precepts out on the page. The achromatic sheet staring back at you with pale taunts. Politics, culture, medicine or the dealing with Pokamon Go, what do you really want to write about?
There’s too much going on on the head of the axis it’s hard to pin down. There’s a pending war due to pound Syria and it’s people, there’s also Mariah Carey spilling her phrenical guts in the Daily mail about how she’s battling bi-polar, (more a cerebral war for some but I imagine it’s closer to an enmity of dull conflict against the emptiness of e-commerce for our Mariah). If we were to pull apart Miss Carey’s money attitude we could spend a week analyzing the devastation caused by apathetic consumerism, (I’m sure some of you must have seen her shoe wardrobe on MTV cribs, laced in hundreds and thousands of footwear. You can only don one at a time ‘Donna Carey). As I said before, what to write about. A clever digression is better than a page devoid of input and even though I digress more than most I would rather someone said too much than not enough.

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