The beggared foot of the wedding cake

Well the eve before the most important event of 2018 we are led to believe is lurching behind our front door with flag in hand.  No, it’s not Trumps impeachment date, (much longer to hold on for that one if it happens) it’s the royal wedding of Prince Harry, and in all but an official moniker ‘the Princess’ Meghan Markle.  Just to exemplify my own indifference to this pseudo-epoch event I keep wanting to spell Meghan’s surname in the same fashion as that of the German Chancellors, (where I would be more interested in discussing Chancellor Merkel’s immigration policy than Meghan’s dress-wear if i’m to be bona-fide in my opinion ).  If we didn’t feel the pangs wanting hot debate on republicanism in the United Kingdom before the date was set I surely hope it will now knowing that the British taxpayer is fronting the £30 million and above bill for the security.  While less than 100 feet from Windsor Castle the homeless people of the town are being harassed by police to give up their belongings so that they aren’t subject to countless security checks which is stepped up indecorously on and around the day.

Many of those living rough in Windsor feel that they’re being victimized due to the ridiculous amount spent on the wedding.  Sunny, a gentleman living rough in the town spoke to CNN about the .  “Think about the amount of money they’re spending on the wedding,” he said. “That’s taxpayers’ money, isn’t it? You’d think they could help us out with houses or something like that, but they can’t house for 10 or 12 people.”  Even a bus that has been donated to house rough sleepers was seized by the upscale police presence because the charity project manager that delivered it did not have the correct licence.  This would come as a pleasant move by Windsor Councillor Simon Dudley who stated earlier this year that ‘homeless people should be removed for the royal wedding on Saturday’.anti_crowns_ornament_round

It’s ultimately this plutocratic harnessed by the baronial union and supported by the elite that will sadly be overlooked by a large proportion of those going to Windsor this weekend who’re more interested in rejoicing on an extension of the monarchy than the wealth and class division that the royal family symbolizes.  Just one more reason why the subject of Republicanism should be brought back to the table, remove the polished silverware and bring forth the need for change.  It won’t remove the elitist element that feasts on our society, but it will address that it exists more than some would like.

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