Say what you want to say, but to whom and how

This afternoon in the city centre of Exeter there was the by annual march to promote the need to address the horror that is Climate Change.  Banners asking ‘WTF’ ‘Not in my name’ ‘The earth is sick’ and a few that carried the expected political messages that blame the establishment for denying it’s actual existence.  The traffic came to a standstill, but only on a minute scale, (unlike the cause they’re fighting for).  And fighting is just, the movement is justified, but I don’t harbour a breath of hope when it comes to the government listening to what radical mouthing goes on in Devon.  If they need to break a stink then they need to take the fight to Westminster, that’s where the conversation they’re hankering after is taking place.

Author ‘Naomi Klein’s’ concerns for her investigative activism and journalism over the last decade has been the corruption of attitudes toward climate change in a capitalist world.  Of course the small Devon city of Exeter has just as much bias of equal values than many other regions but the kind of trade agreements being made by those in power that put the conversations needing to be made at the back of the pile.  If you want to make your voice shouting out from the cave instead of being lost within, organise.

One of the failings of the working class within the last say thirty years is that there is no real working class movement anymore, it’s a nostalgic exercise in my mind.  The leftist movements are so divided now you can’t tell when a march takes place against the violence caused by capitalism who it’s represented by, let alone who it’s for.  If the left arm knew what the far left limb was thinking there might be less of this ‘pitchfork your neighbour’ for reading a book by Emma Goldman or any other radical anarchist that wasn’t afraid to speak their mind, unlike today where the snowflakes have taken hold of our campuses and speech arenas to stamp down on (any) criticism.  But if organisation were to take place, those who want to make change against those that either control or have deep ambitions to take hold of the consensus thread, then amazing things can happen.  But we need to talk together first without censorship as when you know what the other person is thinking at least you have somewhere to start in reality instead of the narrative that exists simply and ill-purely in your head.

“There is one way that free speech can be secured, and that is by persistently speaking.   It is of no use to write things down on paper in a store room, even if that store room happens to be the library at Washington, and the thing written is that ‘Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech.’  That’s like anything else put away on a shelf and forgotten.  Speak Speak Speak”

‘Volterine De Clayre’ addressing the Cooper Union ‘June 30’th, 1909’

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