BDS: What say you UK?

Yesterday Ireland set out a second of its landmark making decisions by rule of the Dail, (Lower house of Parliament) which could potentially set political waves across the Irish sea and awashing our establishment to act ; a bill was passed that boycotts the sale of goods from Israel's illegal settlements in the occupied West… Continue reading BDS: What say you UK?

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Billy Caldwell vs The month before June

Last week young Billy Caldwell had his medication taken away from him when he was entering the UK travelling back from Canada.  His condition is Epilepsy, and his medication, Cannabis Oil.  The oil which he effectively uses to reduce seizures is legal in Canada but as you would expect with our excessively stringent drug laws… Continue reading Billy Caldwell vs The month before June


An announcement within a canvas

    The Austrian neurologist Victor E Frankl was one of the many witnesses who spoke of the existential horrors they frightfully observed and engaged with in the Holocaust, as well as the lessons that could be applied in the real world if they survived. The magnificent book he wrote of his account, 'Man's search… Continue reading An announcement within a canvas


My father the mortal

'All of a sudden it began to happen without the admonition I needed to breathe, I found myself inexhaustibly crying in front of colleagues old and new with the burning knowledge that my father was actually dead'. Last nights events in the REM sleep brought what felt like a real time motion of grief and panic when I was pertly confronted with… Continue reading My father the mortal


All things can tempt me, but not the Church

  In 1983 Ireland was given a referendum to vote on an amendment to already existing abortion laws imposed by the state which after a 67% majority led to a overwhelming victory for the pro-life movement and a further restriction of choice for women who fall pregnant, regardless of situation or reason.  Abortion was already… Continue reading All things can tempt me, but not the Church