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Don’t forget about the Bard

I can honestly say that I haven’t seen a more nightmarish scene being played out since New Labour chose the song by D:Ream ‘Things can only get better’ and implying the exact opposite throughout their 13 year tenure as the UK government.  Once again last night the now Conservative government helmed by Theresa May was voted down by a succession of ministers in Parliament holding the unanimous opinion that May’s Brexit deal is unfit for flight with the EU.  It could be said that Jeremy Corbyn was being lax on his ability to hold the government to account, but then he always was a stone laced in moss in these moments of political crises.

But Corbyn’s weaknesses aside throughout these constant debates that’ve been held in our Bipartisan Parliament a serious concern that’s being sorely underdressed here is the Irish back stop and the Good Friday agreement that could be at risk if things continue the way they are.  EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier said early on Wednesday that the Irish backstop is “part and parcel” of the UK’s Brexit deal and is non-negotiable, something May needs to accept rather than stay stubborn with her approach and run the possibility of a hard border in Ireland, which is completely unacceptable if peace in Ireland is to still have a beating heart.

For me the relationship with the Good Friday agreement is more important than our connections with the European Union, but the front bench of the Conservatives seemed to have it 180 degrees where they care more about Barnier and Juncker who’re now refusing to negotiate any further and let our establishment squabble within itself.  We need to criticise the EU more, leave this corrupt institution and then let our European neighbours hold their own referendums, Italy would be next in my eyes.

The bard of Ireland ‘W B Yeats’ in one of his last penned poems, (and one of his most under-rated metres of romantic verse) named ‘Politics’ holds the lines

Yet here’s a travelled man that knows, what he talks about

And there’s a politician that has both read and thought

I think we can all be clear in thought that politicians spend more of their tax payers time reading than seeing.  Well it’s time they actually took their negotiating team to Brussels and saw the EU for what it really is, rather than just thinking what it might be because it suits our elite better for the benefit of future trade with the UK.





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Billy Caldwell vs The month before June

Last week young Billy Caldwell had his medication taken away from him when he was entering the UK travelling back from Canada.  His condition is Epilepsy, and his medication, Cannabis Oil.  The oil which he effectively uses to reduce seizures is legal in Canada but as you would expect with our excessively stringent drug laws remains illegal In the United Kingdom.  After being admitted to the nearest treatment centre his mother made a telling statement.

“The home office have signed my sons death warrant”.

When 12-year-old Billy was discharged from hospital after last weekend his clearly anguished mother made a statement to BBC News about the culpability of confiscation that led her son to be admitted into medical care.  “The responsibility is that of the home office in the United Kingdom” she distressingly declared on the steps of the Chelsea and Westminster hospital.  But before she could utter another word the news broadcaster cut her off mid sentence cutting to the Prime Minister who was delivering another of her key note statement on the NHS funding argument.  It would be almost comical if it wasn’t so brazenly bias for a prime news service to sever a grief stricken mother off who blames the UK Government for the sickness of her son and shifting the necessity of focus to the leader of the country who states almost in almost (im) perfect timing, “The NHS is there when we need it”.  This was a foul move by the British Broadcasting Corporation in what was supposed to comfort the viewer into believing that the Conservative party are supporting the National Health Service, instead of doing right by the many children who’re affected by not having access to this treatment.  Since Billy was sanctioned his medication the government have attempted to politically whitewash the issue by putting the debate of legalising Cannabis oil for medicinal purposes through the houses of parliament, which is expected to be successful so that the countless other children who have had to obtain their treatment from Canada have no permissible recourse, seeing that one individual has been given the right to take the illegal pomade.

But as a farcically flavoured side note many are contesting the approach they are taking to pay for the service which the tax payers already fund, by paying more tax.  It was confirmed yesterday that some of the £250 million that we currently pay to the European Union, (not the £350 million that ministers claimed) will go toward it and the rest will be taking out of working peoples pockets.  Not what the people were promised by the remain campaign back in 2016.  But the sun rises on one irrefutable fact that many will be stunted to ignore, that the members of parliament, (from whichever party they hold allegiance to) are foolish to consider that simply throwing money at the social legacy of Aneurin Bevan, (Nye Bevan to the rest of you) is part of the reason the National Health Service will continue to fall into the mire created by bureaucratic organisation.  It needs a reformation, not refunding.  An over-hall of the wages paid at the top rung and urgent restructure at the bottom so that Junior Dr’s and Nurses will be given the credence they deserve, a responsibility that both Labour and the Conservatives have on their hands.  Because otherwise people like young Billy Caldwell will forever be ignored by the service that was originally designed to protect and not impair.